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TRU-FIRE PT-JR Patriot Junior Compound Bow Archery Release Aid,...
  • AFFORDABLE, EASY TO USE - The Velcro strap provides a quick and comfortable fit and allows you to make adjustments...
  • STURDY. SMOOTH - The patriot has a durable steel trigger with a smooth release whether it's your first shot or the...
  • ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER - Adjust the sensitivity to control the trigger travel

How is a youth bow release different from a standard or adult one?

Are there different types to consider?

Which type of youth archery release is best for smaller hands?

Youth bow releases are designed for use by children. They may also, in most cases, work for petite adult hands, so many are marketed as releases built for both women and kids. Some, however, come in extra-small sizes designed for the youngest of archers.

Aside from the size, however, this is the only difference between a youth bow release and a standard, adult-sized one. The functions are all the same, and they are all designed to work on the same principle as well.

The most common type of youth archery release for smaller hands is wristband style release. This kind of product features a thumb trigger that makes it easier for kids to operate while drawing back their bows. Additionally, the wrist strap secures the release on the child’s hand while it is in use.

In this article, we will show you five of our top picks for archery releases designed for children. Some of these are simply releases that come in small sizes for adults and kids both, and some of them are made for kids specifically.

Take your time looking through these options so you can find the one that works best for your child. Pick from the list below for high-quality products!

1. Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release

Compound Bow Release Adjustable Archery Camo Wrist Strap Trigger...

This Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release  is designed to fit most youth and petite archer hand sizes thanks to the convenient, adjustable wristband strap. It can be used for any compound bow with a draw weight of up to 65 pounds, making it an ideal solution for almost any beginner and youth bow. This product is available in camo print.


  • The trigger and clamp are made of steel on this product, and they are built to last.
  • The clamp head can rotate up to 360 degrees.


  • The clamp may be too sharp for use with some D-loops.
  • Some children may not find this release comfortable to wear.

2. Tru-Fire Patriot Junior Compound Bow Release

TRU-FIRE PT-JR Patriot Junior Compound Bow Archery Release Aid,...

The Tru-Fire Patriot Junior Compound Bow Release  is a popular choice and provides kids with the same high-quality results adults enjoy with the larger size version of the same release. This product features a durable, reinforced wristband as well as a powerful metal clamp with an easy-to-use thumb trigger as well.


  • The head on this clamp can rotate a full 360 degrees for versatility.
  • The product can be used by both right-handed and left-handed shooters.


  • This product may be too short for some older kids with larger hands.
  • The product may be too sensitive for some archers, depending on shooting style and other preferences.

3. Scott Releases – Hero

Scott Archery Youth Hero Release with Buckle Strap, Pink

The Scott Releases – Hero  archery release is built for both youth and petite adult archers. The design makes it easier for archers with small hands and wrists to shoot comfortably and safely, and the adjustable Velcro strap ensures anyone in this category can find the perfect fit when using this product as well.


  • The trigger on this product is knurled, making it easier to grip and operate.
  • The adjustment settings on this release are infinite and provide excellent functionality.


  • Some children may not be able to use this product because of its length.
  • The product may be too difficult for small kids to learn how to use.

4. Tru Ball Archery Youth Shooter Release

Tru Ball Archery Youth Shooter Release Hook and Loop, Blue, Small

The Tru Ball Archery Youth Shooter Release  includes a black wrist strap and a metal clamp that is available in several colors, such as blue, green, purple, and red. The clamp is attached to the wrist strap with a bungee cord style connection, which helps reduce torque in every shot and makes it easier for children to shoot more accurately as well.


  • The trigger on this release is easy to adjust to different tensions and sensitivities.
  • This product holds up well to long-term use and remains durable as well.


  • Some customers may not receive the correct color when ordering this product.
  • The product may be too noisy for use in bowhunting situations.

5. Sniper Adjustable Archery Buckle Release

Sniper Adjustable Archery Buckle Release; for Compound Bows,...

The Sniper Adjustable Archery Buckle Release  is a high-quality product ideal for kids as well as petite adults. It comes in both solid black and black with a camo-print stripe, and it can be used with D-loop compound bows and any recurve bow as well. This product can be easily adjusted to fit any wrist size and any finger length, making it a good choice for kids to grow with as well.


  • The clamp head on this product can swivel out of the way to make it easier for you to pull back your arrows to their full draw length.
  • The product features adjustable tension whether you choose the adult size or the youth size.


  • Rarely, this product has been known to arrive damaged or to break within the first few shots out of the box, but this isn’t a very common problem.
  • The product may sometimes not hold the D-loop on a compound bow securely enough for safe and accurate firing, but this may vary depending on the type of bow you have.


Did you find the right release for your child’s needs? Why is it so important to choose the best bow release for younger archers?

Picking a good release for young archers can help them with problems related to drawing back their bowstrings and firing arrows, too. The right release can make it easier to pull back the arrow to the full draw length the bow provides, and it can also reduce torque, ensuring the arrow flies faster and reaches a greater distance as well.

The proper release can also help your child improve their accuracy and precision when shooting. Aiming and firing are both easier with a good quality release, and children can enjoy these results just as much as adults can when using this type of product.

However, if you pick the wrong product for your child, the fit may be off and your child may have trouble using the release. This is why it’s crucial to choose one that fits your child’s hand size and works for your child’s shooting style as well. You should also pay attention to whether or not releases can be used for right-handed and left-handed shooters, although most of them can be.

Finding the right release can take some time and consideration. It may be tempting to just pick the most affordable one, or the flashiest one, but you should always consider your child’s archery needs and shooting style when making this decision. You may want to narrow it down to a couple of options and then let your child weigh in on the choice from there. This way, they can feel like they are involved in picking some of their archery equipment, and they may feel more excited about using the release when it arrives too.

With one of the products from the list above, your child is sure to enjoy the results.

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