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What is a Vegas archery target?

Do you have to use Vegas targets to play a Vegas archery round?

How can you do this?

Vegas archery targets are a type of paper target designed for use in Vegas archery rounds. This type of round is a specific style of archery competition with its own set of rules and regulations that must be followed in order for it to qualify as a true round.

Vegas archery is popular in Las Vegas, and very professional archers may be able to win a large sum of prize money by mastering the art of Vegas archery. However, it is important to start slow and practice the skills needed for this type of archery round on your own before entering into any competitions.

In order to participate in Vegas archery, you will need appropriate Vegas archery targets. These targets are made of paper and feature bright, vibrant rings with well-defined lines. They include blue, red, and yellow rings as well as black and white for high-contrast visibility, and they can be easily hung on a target backing of your choice.

It is important to choose either a 1-spot or a 3-spot paper target for Vegas archery if you want to stick to regulation rules. For this reason, it’s also important to understand the rules of the game and how it is scored, so you can better understand which equipment, gear, and targets you need to learn it.

In this article, we will show you a quick guide to help you learn how to play a Vegas round. You’ll find the rules, the steps to the game, and how to figure out a winner as well. In the end of the article, stick around to find some recommendations for our top picks in paper Vegas archery targets, too.

Read on to find out more about Vegas archery and learn how you can get started participating in this popular variation in no time.

How to Play a Vegas Round


1. A round includes 30 total arrows fired. These are divided up into 10 ends of 3 arrows each.

2. The target must measure 40 centimeters and be placed 20 yards away from the shooting line.

3. Targets can come in two styles:

  • 40-centimeter single target with rings scoring from 10 to 1
  • 40-centimeter triple target with rings scoring from 10 to 6.

4. Junior archers may use 60-centimeter targets.

5. If an arrow is shot and flies further than 10 feet from the starting line, it is counted as a shot arrow and receives a score of zero for the round.

6. If an arrow is on the line between rings, it is scored at the higher number of the two.

7. Arrows must remain in the target to be counted.

8. Rounds are held with four archers per round.

9. Paper targets are placed in a 2×2 square on a target backing. The bottom two archers shoot first, followed by the top; after half of their shots, the groups swap places and finish shooting.

10. Each end of arrows receives two minutes for shooting.

11. If an archer’s equipment fails, they will have 15 minutes to repair it without a penalty.


1. First, the paper targets must be placed on the target backing in the appropriate configuration. The bottom two targets will be shot first, followed by the top two.

2. The first of the four archers should step up to the shooting line and straddle it.

3. The archer should then take aim and fire their first shot.

4. The archer will have two minutes to take a total of five shots before stepping back and letting the second archer take a turn.

5. After each of the four archers has taken five shots, the paper targets will be swapped so the bottom ones are now on top.

6. The round will then repeat, starting with the bottom two archers and finishing with the top two archers.

7. After all archers have taken their ten shots, the end is over.

8. The points will then be counted and the paper targets will be reset for the second end.

9. The second and third ends will repeat in the same pattern and following the same rules as the first end.

10. After all three ends are finished, the final scores will be tallied.

How to Determine a Winner

  • The archer with the highest number of points after the scores have been tallied is the winner.
  • It is possible to earn 300 out of 300 points in a perfect Vegas round of archery, but this requires significant skill and ability.


Now that you know a little bit more about Vegas rounds of archery, you may want to give them a try for yourself. Whether you are looking for a way to get set up for Vegas round practice in your backyard or you want to host an official tournament with Vegas rules, you will need the proper type of paper target to make it happen.

Here are a few recommended Vegas archery targets to check out:

1. .30-06 Outdoors 3 Spot Vegas Mini Paper Target

.30-06 Outdoors 3 Spot Vegas Mini Paper Target (100 Count),...

The .30-06 Outdoors 3 Spot Vegas Mini Paper Target  is a miniature version of a true Vegas round target. It measures just half the size of the regulation style targets and can give you a good way to practice without requiring as much space as larger paper targets might.


  • This product is printed in accurate high-contrast colors for visibility and accuracy.
  • The target features regulation standard colors.


  • The smaller targets may be too hard to hit for some beginners and youth archers.
  • This target may not be ideal for those who want to train on proper regulation-size equipment for Vegas archery.

2. .30-06 Outdoors Vegas Paper Target

.30-06 3 Spot Vegas Paper Target 100 Count Red/Blue/Yellow

The .30-06 Outdoors Vegas Paper Target  measures 40 centimeters as required by official Vegas round rules. It is printed on a white backdrop and features three separate targets that include highly visible contrasting rings. Each target is numbered according to correct round progression, and the paper targets are durable enough to last through a round, too.


  • This target is designed to be ideal for training purposes.
  • The product comes in a pack of 100 paper targets so you never have to worry about running out.


  • Some customers feel the colors are too dark on this product.
  • The product may be too heavy for some types of backing.

3. Maple Leaf NAA Official 3-Spot Color Target

Maple Leaf NAA Official 3-Spot Color Target Vegas 100/pk.

The Maple Leaf NAA Official 3-Spot Color Target  features three targets arranged on a gray background. These targets meet the standards of most archery tournaments and competitions, making this a great choice for anyone who wants to practice for official events. The targets are clearly numbered and feature visible rings and colors.


  • This paper target measures the appropriate size for official events.
  • The target is heavy-duty and can withstand a round easily.


  • The gray background may be harder for some archers to see than white.
  • This product may cost too much for some archers looking for targets to fit into a lower budget.

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