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Toparchery Archery 56' Takedown Hunting 50lbs Recurve Bow Metal...
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Toparchery Archery 56" Takedown Hunting 50lbs Recurve Bow Metal...
  • Total bow length: 56", bow riser length: 17", bow limb length: 53", Max draw length: 30". Aluminum / Carbon Arrows...
  • High Strength Casting Aluminum Riser. The Bow is very Nicely Polished and offer Excellent Performance.
  • Limb: It is strong fiber glass with a maple core. Limbs can be purchased separately to increase or decrease weight...

What is a recurve bow riser?

How can you use one?

Do you need to have one?

A riser for recurve bows is the center portion of the bow which is designed to include the grip and accessories. This section separates the limbs of the bow and can make or break the overall performance and functionality of the bow as a whole.

Risers are a must-have part of a recurve bow. Any bow should come with one, but you may choose to upgrade your riser in some instances as well.

In this article, you will find seven of our top picks for recurve bow risers. You can use these reviews to find the best upgrade for your existing riser or choose your very first recurve bow setup instead.

Find the best bow riser for your recurve bow below.

1. Southwest Archery Takedown Recurve Risers

Toparchery Archery 56' Takedown Hunting 50lbs Recurve Bow Metal...

The Southwest Archery Takedown Recurve Risers  feature a sleek and traditional wooden design with a wood grain finish that creates high aesthetic appeal. These risers come in either left-handed or right-handed options and are available in six different lengths and styles for archers of all skill levels to choose from.


  • The risers are made of naturally-sourced wood, which gives them all their own unique appearance while keeping eco-minded creation in mind.
  • The risers can be used with a variety of accessories and gear, but they do not have to be.


  • This product is quite heavy, and it may weigh your bow down too much if you’re not used to a heavier riser already.
  • The handle may be painful and difficult to grip without prior experience using a wooden riser as part of your archery setup.

2. Toparchery Takedown Hunting Metal Riser

Toparchery Archery 56' Takedown Hunting 50lbs Recurve Bow Metal...

The Toparchery Takedown Hunting Metal Riser  is available in options for poundage including 30 pounds, 35 pounds, 40 pounds, 45 pounds, and 50 pounds. This riser is made of cast aluminum to give it a durable design while keeping it lightweight and easy to operate. Its design makes it an especially good choice for beginners who require a rugged riser solution.


  • This product is built to last a long time and features rust-resistant and water-resistant materials.
  • The product is sleek and stylish in appearance, and it doesn’t get in the way of your shot visually.


  • This riser is available in a right-handed option only.
  • The included instructions may be too confusing for some customers.

3. CPTArch Archery Bow Takedown Riser

CPTARCH 60' Archery Bow Takedown Recurve Bow Wooden Right Handed...

The CPTArch Archery Bow Takedown Riser  comes as part of a complete bow set designed for beginners or anyone who wants to get started using risers. This set includes not only the riser, but also the bow, string, silencer, arrow rest, and spanner. The riser is a durable component that withstands plenty of use.


  • Since this is a complete set, it is ideal for beginners and makes it easy to get started using it.
  • The bow comes in at a 40-pound draw weight, and the riser works well along with this poundage.


  • The riser may not sit flush with the limbs.
  • The whole set may not last as long as some others listed here.

4. SinoArt Lion Takedown Hunting Metal Riser

SinoArt 62' Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow Metal Riser 30 35 40 45...

The SinoArt Lion Takedown Hunting Metal Riser  is a sturdy and long-lasting riser that comes as part of a set. This set comes in options ranging from 30 pounds to 60 pounds of draw weight, so you can choose the right poundage for your needs. The set includes not only the metal riser but also the bow limbs and bow string, so you have everything you need to start using a riser right away.


  • The riser itself weighs just three pounds, so it doesn’t change your shooting needs.
  • The riser is beginner-friendly.


  • The product may crack over time with use.
  • The limbs may bend and twist easily.

5. Deerseeker Takedown Recurve Bow Riser

Deerseeker 62' Takedown Recurve Bow Archery for Hunting Targeting...

The Deerseeker Takedown Recurve Bow Riser  is made of sturdy maple wood and finished with fiberglass laminate for a long-lasting, functional design. This riser features a beautiful wood grain appearance and comes in both right-handed and left-handed options. It can be used with bows from 30 to 60 pounds of draw weight.


  • The riser features bushings already installed to make it easier to add accessories and other gear.
  • The riser features aluminum pockets for easy limb mounting.


  • Some products may arrive scuffed or scratched due to damage in transit.
  • The included extras may not last as long as the riser itself.

6. Samick ILF Bow Riser

Samick SinoArt 25' ILF Bow Riser Aluminum CNC Milling Right Hand...

The Samick ILF Bow Riser  is a 25-inch riser made of aluminum. This riser comes in black, red, and purple and comes with limb bolts as well. It can be used with any bow that features ILF limbs, and it is easy to install and take down as needed when you follow safety precautions.


  • This riser comes with three Allen wrenches so you can install it more easily out of the box.
  • You can adjust the draw weight with this riser.


  • This product is only built for right-handed archers.
  • It can sometimes be challenging to align the limbs and riser, so this product may require professional installation.

7. TopointArchery Unison Aluminum Recurve Bow Riser

TOPOINTARCHERY Unison Aluminum CNC Milling Recurve Bow Riser 25'...

The TopointArchery Unison Aluminum Recurve Bow Riser  comes in a wide variety of colors, including black, green, purple, blue, turquoise, red, and gray. This product is available in both right-handed and left-handed options and is made of CNC machined aluminum alloy for durability and lightweight, precision performance. The riser is designed to work with all ILF limbs.


  • These risers are designed to prevent screws from loosening over time with use.
  • The risers feature a built-in wooden grip section for easier holding and comfort.


  • The riser does not come with limbs or a bow string.
  • The riser may be difficult to install for beginners or any archer without prior riser experience.


Did you find the ideal riser for your recurve bow? There are many different options to choose from, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. By taking time to consider the various risers available on the market, you can more easily find the one that suits your archery needs best.

But what else can you do to help narrow down the choices? Here are a few tips to help you pick the right riser for your recurve bow:

  • Choose a riser that fits your existing bow limbs. Some are designed to work with different limbs than others.
  • Choose a riser that works with your bow’s draw weight. Some may be for lighter weights, while others are for heavier poundage.
  • Pick a riser made of a material that works for you. Choose aluminum for a lightweight solution or wood for a heavy-duty, rugged option.
  • Go with a riser that works for your draw length as well. Some may be designed for shorter draw lengths than others, so pay attention to this when picking.

When you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be more capable of picking the perfect riser the first time. Bring home one of the options from our list above and see for yourself what makes risers such a good addition to recurve bow archery!

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