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Find the best Archery Ranges Charlotte, NC has to offer in our Charlotte, North Carolina archer range list.


Is archery a popular activity in Charlotte?

Do locals and tourists alike participate in archery in this area?

What makes archery a good activity choice in Charlotte?

If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, you may find yourself looking for a new hobby. You might wonder what’s popular and what you can participate in when you live in this area. But did you know archery is a fairly popular hobby for Charlotte residents?

Many people who live in and around Charlotte enjoy participating in archery. Although bowhunting is by far the more popular type of archery available in this area, target shooting is also prevalent, and there are a lot of options available for anyone interested in target archery as well.

Locals mostly enjoy archery in Charlotte, although now and then some tourists from neighboring states may participate in local competitions. For the most part, however, if you practice archery in Charlotte, you’ll be joining your friends, neighbors, and co-workers in this exciting hobby.

In this article, we’ll show you three of the best locations to practice your archery skills in Charlotte. Some of these are ranges themselves, while some may simply connect you with range options instead. Some focus on target shooting while others focus more on bowhunting.

Take your time looking through this list to find the perfect archery location and range for all of your needs. Read on to find out more about some of the best archery ranges Charlotte, NC has to offer.

Option #1

Barefoot Archery


Physical Location: Old Pineville Road, Charlotte
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Public/Private: Public

Availability of Facilities, Gear, and Activities:

  • This range features eight indoor lanes that enjoy air conditioning and thorough lighting all year long
  • Bow rentals are available on-site and include both compound and recurve bow options
  • Customers may choose to host small parties at this location for teambuilding, family get-togethers, children’s birthday parties and much more
  • Gear and equipment are available for both testing and purchase at this location, and skilled employees are ready to help make suggestions to guide you to the right choices
  • Leagues and clubs regularly host events at this location and provide a great way for Charlotte area archers to get involved in the local archery community here

Features that Set This Range Apart:

  • This archery range offers a wide variety of lessons for almost any skill level and age group. By working with this range, you and your whole family can easily learn how to shoot a bow and arrow or improve your existing skills as well.
  • The range makes it easy for bowhunters to prepare for hunting season by offering bowhunting practice and allowing compound bows to be shot on the indoor lanes.
  • This range welcomes walk-ins but also offers reservations for lane usage, so you can choose when you want to shoot and how long you want to practice your archery too.

Option #2

Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club


Physical Location: off of Highway 74 in Charlotte
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Public/Private: Private

Availability of Facilities, Gear, and Activities:

  • This club makes use of several local area ranges for archery as well as pistol shooting and rifle shooting
  • There are a wide variety of tournaments and competitions held through this club at all times of the year
  • No rentals or equipment purchases are available on-site, although club members will be glad to offer suggestions for purchasing and where to buy
  • No repairs or maintenance are available on-site, but there are some lessons available through this club to help archers and firearms shooters both learn maintenance and upkeep
  • The club does not have a main location for use or for rental purposes, but instead moves around a local circuit

Features that Set This Range Apart:

  • This range focuses mostly on pistol and rifle shooting, so there is not as much archery available here. With that said, however, they do provide frequent archery competitions and may offer lessons at some points in the year.
  • This range offers a variety of additional courses for adult archers and rifle shooters, including concealed carry permit classes, first aid for bleeding due to shot wounds, hunter safety, reloading, and more.
  • After one member of the family joins the club, other family members may join at an extremely discounted rate, although children are not eligible to join this organization.

Option #3

Mecklenburg Bowhunters


Physical Location: Wildlife Road, Charlotte
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Public/Private: Private

Availability of Facilities, Gear, and Activities:

  • This group of bowhunters focuses on outdoor archery and provides plenty of events and activities for its members to participate in
  • The location does not provide gear and equipment rentals or purchases
  • The members of this group are often willing to provide basic instructions on gear use but do not provide complete lessons for any skill level
  • Members of the group may often be willing to help new members choose the right gear and equipment or explain how to restring and maintain equipment
  • Events include paper target shooting, bowhunting experiences, 3D target shooting, and plenty of other options for any type of archer to enjoy

Features that Set This Range Apart:

  • This range is part of a bowhunting group which provides a private but informal setting for archers who are interested in improving their bowhunting skills. This option is comprised of locals who participate in regular events and tournaments.
  • The group visits several local ranges and pieces of land for their bowhunting practice, which means members are also able to enjoy a wide variety of activities and locations when working with this group.
  • For the most part, children are not allowed in this group; some members may bring children, but the group is designed for adult archers who already have at least a little experience.


Did you find the range or club that works best for you? There are some good, solid options to pick from in Charlotte, so take your time thinking about those we have listed above. You’ll be sure to find the perfect solution when you choose from this list!

But why would you want to consider archery as a hobby in Charlotte? Is it really a good option, or is it something you should skip? Here are some pros of choosing archery in Charlotte:

  • There are plenty of bowhunting opportunities in and around Charlotte.
  • Adults and kids both can easily find lessons, purchase gear and equipment, or practice on indoor and outdoor ranges in and around the Charlotte area.
  • If you enjoy getting involved in clubs or competitions, there are a lot of choices to pick from in Charlotte to help you connect with the larger local archery community.

And here are a couple of cons to keep in mind:

  • Charlotte weather can be unpredictable and includes high temperatures, low temperatures, wind, rain, storms, and tornadoes.
  • Indoor ranges can be more difficult to find than outdoor archery options in this area.

It’s up to you to choose whether or not you want to enjoy Charlotte-area archery. However, keep in mind that this hobby is an exciting one that can provide you with plenty of opportunities when you live in this area. If you choose to enjoy archery in Charlotte, you can take part in a popular local hobby along with many others!

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