Archery Range Albuquerque

Choose the best Archery Range Albuquerque has to offer in our Albuquerque ranges for archers list.


Is it popular to participate in archery in Albuquerque?

Do tourists and locals both enjoy this hobby in the area?

What makes archery stand out as a good Albuquerque activity?

Albuquerque is not well-known for its archery scene, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking one. Locals enjoy participating in archery in this area, although it isn’t as popular with tourists. Because it is enjoyed mostly by Albuquerque residents, it’s easy to find group events and clubs in this area.

If you’re looking for a great hobby that can get you outdoors but also be enjoyed inside during bad weather, archery is a good option. Additionally, Albuquerque archery offers plenty of competitive shoots if you’re the type of person interested in this type of event.

Discover more below about some the best archery range Albuquerque can provide.

Option #1

The Archery Shoppe


Physical Location: Carlisle Boulevard NE, Albuquerque
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Public/Private: Public

Availability of Facilities, Gear, and Activities:

  • Rentals available per hour for bows and equipment
  • Both private and group lessons available throughout the year, as well as JOAD lessons for youth archers
  • 19 individual lanes available indoors
  • Indoor lanes measure 20 yards each
  • Paper targets available for a very low cost each, or used paper targets available for use for free

Features that Set This Range Apart:

  • This range provides on-site shoots for bowhunters of all skill levels and ages, some of which provide prizes and trophies depending on the event in question.
  • The range includes an on-site pro shop and repairs as well, so you can purchase your bow, try out potential new equipment, and have everything tuned and serviced in the same location.
  • It is possible to book archery birthday parties at this location, so if you have a child who is interested in archery, this can be a great opportunity to provide a memorable birthday experience.

Option #2

Hit or Miss Archery


Physical Location: Broadbent Parkway NE, Albuquerque
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Public/Private: Public

Availability of Facilities, Gear, and Activities:

  • Indoor lanes available for walk-ins as well as rentals and offer plenty of space for each archer at individual stations
  • 30 total lanes available indoors at 40 yards each with the option to move targets closer for beginners and kids
  • 3D target shooting available on-site for customers who want to practice on fantasy targets as well as more realistic bowhunting animals
  • Bow rentals available at an hourly rate for both adults and children
  • Membership available to make it easier to clock in quickly, reserve lanes when available, and participate in events at this location

Features that Set This Range Apart:

  • This location offers a simple self-check in option for customers who want to start shooting right away without waiting in line to be clocked in. This process is even quicker for those who have signed up for a range membership in the past.
  • The range offers archery lessons for all skill levels and age groups, including plenty of options for kids and youth archers who are looking to get more involved in the hobby.
  • It is possible to participate in leagues, shooting events, tournaments, and much more at this location, and with many different options throughout the year to choose from, there is something for everyone available at this range.

Option #3

Sandia Crest Bowhunter’s Association


Physical Location: off of Gutierrez Canyon Road, Albuquerque
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Public/Private: Private

Availability of Facilities, Gear, and Activities:

  • Members receive a key that allows access into the range at any time of the day or night as long as there is no function scheduled
  • There are no rentals available at this location, so archers must bring their own gear and equipment
  • There are not usually lessons available, although this may vary depending on the club’s yearly calendar and plans
  • It is not possible to purchase gear and equipment at this location, although skilled club members will assist new archers in choosing the right items for their archery setups
  • This location provides traditional archery targets as well as 3D targets for shooting practice on-site

Features that Set This Range Apart:

  • This is a members-only archery club and range which accepts membership applications throughout the year and offers signups at various archery shops and events in the city.
  • The range provides 3D shoots for youth archers, kids, leagues, adult individual archers, and other groups who might be interested in participating.
  • Individuals who are interested in becoming a member of the Sandia Crest Bowhunter’s Association but cannot afford the price of membership or the entry fee for shoots may work off the price by helping set up, take down, or clean up from events throughout the year.


Were you able to find the best archery range for your needs in the Albuquerque area? Although it may take a little effort and planning to find the perfect location, you should be able to choose the ideal spot to practice your archery when you pick from the list above. Of course, this list only scratches the surface, and you may be able to find even more options if you’re willing to travel a short distance outside the city as well.

But how do you know if archery is really the right hobby for you in this area? Here are some pros of choosing archery in Albuquerque:

  • There are plenty of clubs and leagues available to enjoy in and around Albuquerque. If you’re looking for involvement in the archery world, you can find it and much more when you choose this hobby.
  • Kids and adults both can find archery options in the Albuquerque area. There are tournaments, shoots, lessons, and events designed for archers of any skill level and any age group as well.
  • Finally, archers who are looking for a place to buy equipment and gear or test out items before purchasing can find a few good options within the city limits as well. If you need a bow shop as well as a range, Albuquerque can deliver.

And here are a couple of cons to keep in mind:

  • When you’re looking for a place to practice archery in Albuquerque, you may not have much luck. There are not a lot of options within the city limits, and you may need to drive outside the city or check other nearby locations to find a good range instead.
  • Depending on the range you choose, you may be at the mercy of bad weather at certain times of the year. It may become very hot at some times, and you may have trouble practicing archery outdoors due to this heat if you choose to go this route.

The choice, of course, is entirely up to you. It is possible to have an amazing time enjoying archery in Albuquerque, but it is just as possible to have trouble finding the right place to enjoy this hobby too. When in doubt, be sure to ask some of your friends or colleagues to see if anyone you know might be interested in archery in this area. You might also want to reach out to local groups on Facebook or other online forums that can help you connect with experienced Albuquerque-based archers. This way, you’ll have a mentor who can guide you toward finding the right range.

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