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Octane RST Hostage Max Arrow Rest, Black, Right Hand
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Octane RST Hostage Max Arrow Rest, Black, Right Hand
  • All metal construction
  • Full capture rest
  • For right handed bows only

What is the Hostage Arrow Rest?

What makes it a good choice?

What are some reasons why anyone interested in archery should learn more about this product?

Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • This product is ideal for any archery application. You can use it indoors or outdoors, and you can put it to work for bowhunting or range shooting.
  • This product comes with everything you need to set it up and start using it immediately. You don’t have to purchase anything extra when you buy it.
  • This arrow rest can help you improve your accuracy quickly. Many archers notice a difference almost right away when using it.
  • This arrow rest is easy to learn how to use, whether you have prior experience with whisker-style arrow rests or not.

Of course, you may have your own reasons for being interested in this arrow rest. Whatever those reasons might be, you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore the Hostage arrow rest thoroughly so you can figure out whether or not it will work well for your needs.

We have gathered all the information you need to know about this product, including its strengths, weaknesses, and features, to help you make this decision. The Hostage arrow rest is a popular product, but it is always important to choose your archery equipment and gear based on your own impressions.

Read on to learn more about the Octane Hostage Arrow Rest.

Octane RST Hostage Max Arrow Rest

Octane RST Hostage Max Arrow Rest, Black, Right Hand

The Octane RST Hostage Max Arrow Rest  is designed to work as a powerful, sturdy, durable arrow rest for archers of all skill levels. It takes very little time to set up and start using, and it provides powerful and efficient control over every shot you take. This product is built to last a long time and is sure to quickly become one of your favorite pieces of archery equipment. Whether you are a beginner hoping to find a long-lasting arrow rest for your first one or you are an experienced archer searching for an upgrade, this impressive little product is sure to be right for you.


  • This item is built of metal for a complete, durable design that is sure to last no matter where or how you choose to use it.
  • The brushes included in the design of this arrow rest are fully adjustable, making it easier to create the shot you want when you want it.
  • The product comes with everything you need to get it set up and start using it right away, and it includes mounting hardware for attaching to your bow as well.
  • This product can be used with most types of bows, particularly including modern ones, and is ideal for almost any archery application as well.

What We Liked

  • We like the adjustability of this product. Although the entire construction and design of this item is excellent, it really shines in just how easy it is to adjust it to a wide variety of different needs and preferences. Thanks to its simple but effective layout, it is easy to make changes to the settings on this arrow rest while you are in the process of putting together the perfect aim. Additionally, the adjustable brushes make it easy to account for any problems you usually encounter when shooting, so you can create accurate and precise results more often than ever before.

What Could Be Improved

  • This product features many strengths that make it stand out above several of its competitors. However, one of the ways in which we feel this product would be greatly improved would be to add a left-handed option. This item is only available for right-handed archers, and as such, it reduces the number of people who can put it to use. In order to reach more potential customers and make this item available to any archer who wants to use it, we feel it would be a great idea to make a left-handed model or include the option to alternate as needed.


  • This product does not have too many components to make it very complicated, so it is ideal for beginners who want to start learning how to use an arrow rest without overdoing it.
  • The product operates quietly, making it especially useful for bowhunting purposes.
  • Since the product doesn’t include moving parts, there are fewer ways in which it can fail and fewer parts that can break, making it a sound solution for most archery needs.
  • This is a very lightweight product that doesn’t weigh down your bow or get in the way of your shot, but still remains durable and sturdy enough to last.


  • The brushes may wear out quickly on this arrow rest, so many customers tend to purchase replacement brushes to prevent this from becoming an issue.
  • Since the product is not a drop-away arrow rest, it may be more difficult for some archers to learn how to use.
  • The product may not be able to be used on every bow, and some older models may not work with the included mounting hardware.
  • Some customers have trouble with the screws that come included with this setup, since they are prone to stripping easily and may need to be replaced quickly.


So what do you think? Are you ready to give this arrow rest a try? Although it may not be for everyone, this product is a high-quality solution that is sure to help improve your accuracy, precision, and overall archery experience as well. Many customers are pleased with the results when they use this arrow rest, and since it doesn’t take much time to learn how to work with it, it can quickly become an invaluable part of your archery gear and equipment.

Is this a must-have product? Although you don’t necessarily have to have an arrow rest when shooting targets or bowhunting, including one in your archery setup can make your experience much easier and more convenient. You will quickly see improvement in your shots when you use an arrow rest, and you will be able to grow and improve your skills more than ever before.

If you determine that you do want an arrow rest, then the Hostage rest is a great way to go. This item is an ideal solution for almost any archer and can cover a variety of archery needs. Since it lasts a long time and is durable enough to use indoors and outdoors alike, it can come along with you on any archery adventure.

But when you should really use it? What types of archery applications is this item best for? This product is designed specifically for use in bowhunting situations. It is built to operate quietly, and it is designed to make shots powerful enough to hit live animal targets when hunting.

However, it can also easily be used for target shooting, and many customers enjoy using it for this purpose too. It works well to make aiming easier and shots more precise when you use it for target practice.

When you choose the Hostage arrow rest, you will see for yourself just why it such a popular choice!

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